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The 11:11 Phenomenon

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Have you heard of The 11:11?

Do you believe it has spiritual significance? Do you believe it is all just New Age mystical woo-woo?

Whatever you believe, this community is for those who experience 11:11.


What is The 11:11?

People all over the globe are experiencing The 11:11 Phenomenon.

- Do you see 11:11 everywhere?
- Do you seem to look, knowing it will be there before you have seen it?
- Does it pop up in profound or weird places?
- Do you think it might have meaning beyond just a time of day?
- Does it feel like something, maybe even yourself is trying to get your attention?

What does 11:11 mean to you?

This is the place for discussion of what 11:11 means (or doesn't mean) for you.
Share stories, offer insights, discuss theories.
Please be sure to read this community's "Mission Statement".

Welcome to the_1111!

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