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Hello I am new

I have a very strong connection with this whole 11:11 business.

First off:
I was  supposed to be born 11-23-86
I instead was born 12-3-86 (11 days later)

I started recognizing the 11 about 2 years ago, when I started pulling away from an ex. I would wake up at 11:11 pm every night for about a week and a half before we broke up. From there it turned into seeing 11's in everything. buildings, magazines etc. I still didn't pay it much mind.
before my ex and I broke up, I began listening to the music of Jason Webley. I guess 11 really hit home when I went to one of his shows for the first time and he caught a glimpse of the tattoo I got 3 almost 4 years ago, which happens to be a royal flush card suit. He points to the Jack of Spades (11th card in any suit) then proceeds to grab one of his cds rip it open and show me the exact same card in the center of the booklet. I found out he too had/has a thing with 11.

I don't know exactly what 11 means. But all I know is that it's a strange ruling factor in my life, like the color purple.
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